“Thank you so much for the wealth of information and help you gave us". I had been worrying about what to do regarding the loss of the TN Land Trust's exempt status and am very grateful to you for seeking us out and inviting us to the workshop. I now feel I have everything I need to get our tax returns up-to-date and get our reinstatement application submitted. The package you gave out is very comprehensive and I look forward to going through it in depth. You also did a great job of presenting the material and made all the steps very clear. 
D. Pittman, Director
“I recently attended the workshop where you instructed and I need your assistance in completing some paperwork I recently received from the IRS". The previous president and board member of the organization died. The president's son asked us to purchase the building out of a tax sale with the agreement that it would continue to operate as a 501(c )(3) center. After purchasing the building, I started getting mail from the State of Tennessee Revenue Department, requesting that the annual report needed to be completed. At that time in 2008, I didn't understand what all the 501(c )(3) entailed. We continued to work in the community, feeding the poor, allowing the youth to have activities and a safe place which kept them off the streets, giving food boxes and giving clothes from our clothes closet. The son didn't want the building torn down, its 100 years old. We have worked very hard making repairs and trying to continue to be a community support center. I didn't know about the amending the Articles of Incorporation. I have until the 26th to send IRS the original Articles of Incorporation Booklet. Can you help me with this?  
Latana Gant, Vice President
Thank you in your assistance in reinstating our 501(c )(3)exemption status for the Tipton County Education Foundation.
Ms. Chamber, CEO
It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation. Thank you for supervising and organizing a workshop to help Non-profit Organizations with completing various documents needed in order to file for reinstatement of their revoked 501(c )(3). Thank you for following up with a phone call to personally ensure that I had filed all the necessary documents to the IRS in a timely manner. You have been extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I understood what was required of me in order to sustain my tax exempt status. Thank you so much.
Bobbie A. Johnson, CEO 
Angels Being Prepared Inc.
 I am deeply grateful that you took out the time to provide Healthy Transitions Development Group with the help we needed to get our 501(c )(3) status reinstated. With your instructions we were able to get started and going in the right direction. More so, thank you for reaching out and inviting us to the workshop. The class, information packet and step by step training of all of the material, ultimately lead us to our goal. Thank you for all that you have done. your time and patience was greatly appreciated.
A. Abram, CEO
Olive Branch, MS
I would like to thank you for the workshop that you conducted on May 2, 2013 at Airways Station for the Memphis Police Ambassadors-Presidents. The information that you provided was very informative and will be beneficial for the progress of our organization. We are a non-profit community based organization of concerned citizens. We are dedicated to community service and developing a special rapport between the community and law enforcement.
Again, we appreciate your time in coming out to share with us the vast information on the operation of Non-profit organizations.
J C Hall, President
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